in cooperation with Prevedig, conducts aiomica

Opening hours:  

Monday : 7:30- 18:00 

Tuesday : 7:30- 18:00 

Wednesday: 7:30- 18:00 

Thursday : 7:30- 18:00 

Friday : 7:30- 18:00 

Saturday : 9:00- 13:00 

Sunday : 9:00- 13:00 


Support operating hours:  

Monday : 8:00- 16:00 

Tuesday : 8:00- 16:00 

Wednesday: 8:00- 16:00 

Thursday : 8:00- 16:00  

Friday : 8:00- 16:00 

Saturday : 9:00- 13:00 

Sunday : 9-00- 13:00



Support email address: assistance@aiomica.com 

Support phone number: +420 725 720 001 

Where to find us? 

You will find our sampling point, where you can test yourself, at Havlíčkovo náměstí 10 in the center of Prague and in the heart of Žižkov. 

Public transport connection - below the tram stop Lipanská. 


What test do we perform? 

PCR test with a request from a doctor (paid by the insurance company)

PCR test for self-payers up to 24 hours -1802.9 CZK

PCR test for self-payers up to 48 hours -1510 CZK

Antigen test from saliva - surcharge 363 CZK

Antigen test performed from nasopharynx (paid by the Czech insurance company)

Antigenic laboratory test performed from nasopharynx (paid by the Czech insurance company)

*in case you don't have Czech insurance company you have to pay 423,5 Kč for antigen test


How is the sampling done? 

You will arrive at the collection point at the agreed time, we will check the data you have filled in and our nurse or doctor will take a sample from you. Please follow the spacing and wear the mask.

Sampling is performed from the nasopharynx, saliva, drift and throat - depending on the type of test.

How will you know the result? 

The results of the PCR test will be sent to you by SMS message and email to a registered telephone number within 24 hours of collection.

Medical confirmation about the test result (for example for crossing the boarders) we will send it to you by email. 

In case of the RAPID paper test or antigen test from saliva you will know the results in 15 minutes at the sampling point. Confirmation about the test result is possible. 

When do you have a free test? 

PCR test 

You have to have an insurance company in the Czech Republic. You have a free PCR test if you have any symptoms contact your doctor. Your doctor will write a request for your birth number to the nationwide Uzis system, on the basis of which you can come to the tests for a test that you do not have to pay for.


Antigen test

You have a free antigen test if:

You have not passed the test for the last 3 days.

You have an insurance company in the Czech Republic

You have not had Covid-19 in the last 90 days.


How to pay? 

You can pay when booking online by card or you can pay by card or subscription a place where we only accept card payments for hygienic reasons.


What to do when I'm positive? 

In case of a positive finding, you will receive an SMS and then you will be contacted by the Regional Hygiene Station with information on the next steps. We recommend that you prepare an overview (timeline) of your last 10 days, warn colleagues and friends with whom you have spent more time in close contact. Keep social contacts to a minimum and wear a veil. It is also recommended not to smoke



What the test reveals? 

Direct evidence of infection. This test (PCR) will detect the current presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus in your body. PCR is a widely used molecular diagnostic method for the detection of genetic material, nucleic acid, microorganism in biological material.


The PCR test turns out to be positive even before the onset of symptoms, so it is the most suitable method for a quick and reliable detection of whether a person is not infected at a given moment and does not spread the virus to his surroundings


What to do if I purchased a voucher for an antibody and vitamin D test? 

With the voucher you can go to any collection point operated by Prevedig s.r.o. and apply the test. The test is performed on a sample of blood taken. The test is not performed at the sampling point on Havlíčkův náměstí

What to do, if I want to cancel the test? 

If you purchased a test and cannot attend it, please call +420 725 720 001 or email support@aiomica.com and we will cancel your test or try to find a suitable date.

What to do if I need to issue a tax document?

DYou will receive a confirmation of payment in the email and you will receive a receipt if you pay on the spot. If you need an invoice, write your request to the email: vera.svendova@aiomica.com 

Please include a confirmation of payment in the email.

Company testing or personal visit to your house?

If you are interested in receiving directly at your home or you want an offer for your company, please contact us by email: assistance@aiomica.com

How to protect yourself?

Reduce unnecessary social contacts​

At work, in a group, at mass events, and when moving outside, reduce unnecessary social contacts and keep your distance.

Avoid contact with sick people

Especially if they cough, sneeze or are visible to have a fever.


Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap

Whenever you come home / to work, you reach for various objects, such as keys, money, but also after blowing your nose and putting on and taking off protective equipment. How to wash your hands properly?


Wear a veil where appropriate

Keep groups of two meters in a group of people (for example, in a store, in a queue at the cash register, at the post office), be careful.

In public transport, try to keep your distance

Do not gather with other passengers and do not touch the handles and holders whenever possible.


Disinfect regularly​

Wipe your cell phone, home handles, and other areas you touch often.

Discard disposable protective equipment

Remove veils and gloves safely so that they do not touch their outer surface.


Eat regularly and well

Ideally a diet rich in vitamins B, C, D, relax enough, go to bed early.


Use disposable handkerchiefs

When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth with your arm or sleeve.

What to do if I have further questions?

all our infoline during our working hours: +420 725 720 001. You can write us a message at assistance@aiomica.com or leave us a message via the web form.

...in each case: